Spring/Summer 2020 Campaign

Exploring the complex relationship between material and emotion. A-COLD-WALL* SS20 examines four foundational compounds; Clay, lead, water and glass.

Material Study For Social Architecture represents a turning point in the A-COLD-WALL* philosophy. Exploring the discreet power of material has led to a deeper understanding of its all-encompassing hold. The spaces we inhabit, daily interactions, changing emotions and innate behaviours - all are governed by material. This powerful notion has shifted focus onto the pursuit of societal altruism. This mission, led by social design, explores form and futurism through garment communication.

Materials are humanised. The malleability of clay is referenced in a series of memory led outerwear pieces, their fluidity transcending the physical state of matter. Body mapping through concise pattern cutting is abstracted yet identifiable through the collection’s familiar silhouettes. This represents a shift in design process and a conscious decision to exalt what is human and organic.

Legwear is contorted to capture properties that merge through lead as a compound, weight and tension guide fabric treatment and visual communication. Draping, pleating, bunching and the formation of oversized patterns carry a tangible fluidity, echoing water’s changeable form.

The rigidity of glass informs contemporary takes on suiting - structured, architectural and reductive. An intellectual attire is proposed speaking directly to the A-COLD-WALL* mission for macro design communication, all manifested through asymmetric patterns and fabric experimentation.

A-COLD-WALL* continues to mature and evolve, confidently writing a visual language that embodies its evolving concern with documentation and its role in social commentary. A systematic, industrial approach to garment design is expressed through installation and performance art, all interconnected pillars of the signature A-COLD-WALL* aesthetic.