Service Point 1

Service Point 1 reflects a value system built upon channels of community interaction, offering select individuals the opportunity to engage with product, concept and process through garment and installation. This marks the first step in an on-going project to radically reimagine the traditional brand/individual relationship. With a disproportionate focus on purchase, the usual modes of communication are discarded and in their place, a new era of openness and exchange arises.

The first installment of Service Point 1 exhibited the iconic M-65 jacket, presented in seven unique deadstock fabrics provided directly by world-renowned Italian mills, cut and then stitched and finished in London. The packable jackets were gifted to select participants at no cost, trading time and conversation as a commodity. The M-65, a timeless menswear staple loaded with meaning and history, provided a vehicle to exhibit and explore A-COLD-WALL*’s focus on fabrication, material property, uniformity & reductive function.

In conjunction with Service Point 1’s physical exhibit, a two-fold experience exists in parallel online. Firstly, a digital library provides detailed information revealing concept, history, process, imagery and silhouette study. Secondly, a purchasable A-COLD-WALL* hardware package will enable individuals to gain unprecedented access to the brand’s intellectual property at a democratic price point, opening up unlimited possibilities for community-lead redesign and repurposing.

Service Point 1 embodies a philosophy of access through channels of shared information, a pursuit A-COLD-WALL* will continue to develop. Open source as a philosophy brings forth conscious brand values that have the capacity to directly enhance interaction between individual & brand.