Spring/Summer 2020 Runway

Material Study For Social Architecture amplifies four inanimate foundational compounds, exploring the storied relationship between material and emotion. Clay, lead, water, and glass - each deeply embedded into both memory and practise, representative of humanity’s inseparable and reciprocal relationship with matter - the scaffolds of society.

The procurement and exploration of these compounds is a defining turning point in the A-COLD-WALL*’s philosophy and pursuit of understanding interactions, spaces, and emotions governed by material - a relationship that is innately sacred and storied, often informing human behaviour. This advancement in direction shifts focus onto the pursuits of societal altruism led through social design, exploration of form, and the pursuit of futurism through garment communication.

A-COLD-WALL* continues to mature and evolve, confidently sculpting a physical visual language that embodies its developing nature of documentation, and its role as a participant for societal commentary corroborated through installation and performance art. A maturing philosophy is now visible, one of altruism, futurism, and societal responsibility.